Space Warp/ Starship Hyperspace Jump Effect

Want access to this effect? Let me know in the comments below 👇 & I’ll make it available!

What is this?

This is a retro-styled sci-fi scene showcasing a procedural planet shader, a shockwave shader in a custom renderer feature and plenty of post-processing. Made in Unity URP with shader graph among other things. Created as part of Harry Alisavakis‘s ‘Space Warp’ challenge on his discord.


  • Pixelated rendering via renderer feature
  • Procedural planet shader
  • Random position based glowing shader
  • Progress fill shader
  • Pivot based object animation
  • Shockwave shader as part of a renderer feature full screen image effect
  • Animated post-processing effects including bloom and chromatic aberration
  • Cinemachine


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