Magic Potion Shader / Bubbling Cauldron / Dungeon Scene

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*assets in video & listed below in Credits have been replaced by bespoke assets in package

What is this?

This is a bubbling cauldron potion made in Unity with a mix of shader graph and particle effects. Made as part of Harry Alisavakis‘s Potions/Alchemy challenge on his discord. Since I’ve already done a potion in a glass bottle style shader effect here my mind went to a classic witch’s cauldron. The liquid surface (a high poly plane) combines a ripple shader effect I re-used, a render texture based planar reflection effect, some procedural noise texture scrolling and vertex displacement. The bubbles are driven by the particle system with a stepped fresnel for the rim and swirl effect with more noise textures for the surface. A custom vertex stream on the particle system makes the pop effect play out over the particle’s lifetime with a noise texture applied to the alpha. The cauldron features a toon lit specular shader to provide some glow lighting based on scene depth and some shadow contouring. The fire is a shader placed on a sphere mesh made with stepped noise texture, alpha masked on the Y axis with some distortion added with an animated normal map.

Some light bloom and vignette post-processing added.


  • ripple shader
  • planar reflections
  • vertex displacement
  • toon lit specular shader
  • procedural noise fire shader
  • animated UV offsetting
  • post-processing effects
  • Cinemachine


Bubble breakdown from Cyan –

Toon lit specular shader tutorial from MinionsArt –

Fire shader breakdown from MinionsArt –

Cauldron model by ValSam –

Camp Fire model by Faith Orhan –

Stone staircase model by Marc7260 –

Columns, torches and chain models by pacamera –

Door model by creaker99 –

Brick texture from –

Stone texture from –

Ambient SFX by billy_magnum –

Bubbling SFX by jasonmchl –

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